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Four Exercises to Prevent Back Pain

      Ryan Fogel    Filed under: Ergonomic Injury Prevention

Whether in the office or at home, the average person spends close to 10 hours sitting per day. This can lead to an array of aches and pains. As discussed in our blog post about the most common injuries for desk workers, a desk job can be hazardous without proper ergonomic equipment. Below are four exercises to prevent back pain. Before beginning these exercises, do some slow stretches, and stop immediately if any pain occurs.


Lumbar rolls

Begin by laying on your back with your knees bent, feet flat on the floor, and arms stretched out. Roll your knees to one side, then slowly to the other. You should aim to hit 10 per side.


Butterfly Stretches

Either standing or sitting, place your palms on your shoulders, with your elbows facing out sideways. Slowly move your elbows towards each other, stretching the upper back. Hold for five seconds and repeat 10 times.


Knee to Chest

Lie on your back, and using both hands slowly pull your knees into your chest. Hold for a few seconds, then return to your starting position. Repeat 6 times.


Wall Push-Up

Stand roughly a foot away from a wall and place your hands on the wall in push-up position. Gently lean forward, then back, completing the push-up. Repeat 12 times.


While these exercises can help prevent or reduce back pain, for even more comfort and protection, an ergonomic workstation is the way to go. Here at Accredited Rehabilitation Consultants, we can help you ensure a safe, stylish, and ergonomic space- whether it’s at home or in the office. To learn more, or to set up an evaluation, contact us!