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Top 3 Ergonomic Tips for Short People

      Ryan Fogel    Filed under: Ergonomics Office Design

If you’re on the shorter side, you know full well how hard it can be to find the right office equipment. Chairs are too tall, not allowing you to place your feet on the floor, while desks are too high, forcing your wrists to type at an awkward angle. However, it’s not impossible. Here, we provide our top three ergonomic tips so that you can work in comfort.

Get an office chair of low to medium height

The biggest complaint that people have about their office chairs is that they’re too tall. For short people, this is especially true. Your office chair should allow your feet to touch the ground. You can accomplish this with a chair that is of medium height or less. Additionally, getting an office chair that has an adjustable height will allow you to lower it to the right level for you.

Get a keyboard tray or desk converter

Even if your office chair is the right height, your desk may not be. Many people find that with their shorter chair, their feet may touch the ground, but they’re too low to make typing comfortable. This is where a keyboard tray comes in. You can place your keyboard and mouse on top of it so that it is at a comfortable height. A desk converter can also accomplish this by lowering your keyboard below your desktop.

Adjust your screen monitors

If you’re straining your neck upwards to look at your computer screen, you will soon wind up with neck problems. Instead, adjust your screen monitors so that it is 15 degrees below the horizontal line (or, where your eyes are positioned). This way you are not craning your neck up too high or too low.

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