Madeleine Gonzalez 06/23/2020 I am using Dragon right now, and I cannot say enough words about it this has been the best thing that has ever happened in helping me get my work accomplished in a timely manner despite all my injuries and disability at the time. Ryan was a great help he was punctual, took his time in teaching me how to navigate Dragon can’t say enough has been a wonderful experience.
  Melissa Martinez 06/13/2020 ARC did a great job assessing my workstation. He made great recommendations that helped after a week in use. Thanks a lot
  Mary Rosales 06/02/2020 It was a wonderful experience and they were very knowledgeable with the recommendations. When they came back the specialist explained how to use everything and made adjustments to my equipment to fit me better.
  Justin Forrester 04/28/2020 The ergonomist at ARC did a great job addressing my right elbow pain. My workstation was adjusted on site and I was taught about healthy work habits. The service was great and soo fast! Special thanks for their hard work.
  Garret Weinrieb 4/07/2020 I found Ryan online and it was the best decision i have ever made. I was in so much back pain from using my laptop for years and staring down at it. I was in so much pain that I had to get an MRI. I decided enough was enough and found Ryan. ON THE SAME DAY that I called him Ryan came to my office and did a full ergonomic workout. He checked my posture and body allignment and my furniture He immediatley developed a gameplan to relieve my pain. Ryan ordered the equipment I needed and when it came in he even installed it. The man is the best. Finally, when one of the pieces of equipment had issues he came back to my office and made it right. This guy is amazing and he is worth every penny. I will be recommending him to anyone that needs Ergo services
  Gabriela Gomez 02/15/2020 Bryan was extremely helpful and made it super easy to learn how to navigate the Dragkn system. He was instrumental I. Requesting all my worst station furniture to meet my needs. The new station has definitely assisted my level of pain. His recommendation around a sit and stand desk has made a great difference in my work performance. Thank you for the follow up visits and making sure I was well equipped to continue with this software in my own.
  Ella Granston 1/25/2020 Ryan Fogel was on time. He was also timely in his set up and demonstration. He was very patience and left my work area in working condition..
  Holley Norman 1/03/2020 Ryan is awesome! Thank you soo much!!
  Teodoinda Mendoza 2/30/2019 Ryan Fogel has been excellent with his service with me. He was able to recommend some great ergonomic items that I have noticed a reduction in pain. I would recommend him to others in the future.
  Debbie Harvey 0/24/2019 Ryan is really good. He made the transition to my new work-space seamless and easy.
  Bertha Rocha 10/18/2019 Excellent service. I can tell the difference. I can feel the relief in my shoulders, my back and my my hands. I am relaxed. I can tell the difference. I’m relaxed now.
  Torree Jones 10/03/2019 Ryan had fast service. He came with a short notice.
  Karen Ellis 4/19/2019 Ryan was very professionally to bring out my equipment and elaluating my workspace to make me more efficient.
  Nad J 0/30/2018 Ryan Fogel is AWESOME! He is prompt, efficient, caring, thorough, and very knowledgeable in ergonomics. He listens to his clients about what help they need, spends time with them to thoroughly explain how the installed equipment works and always follows up to make sure everything is working out properly. He respects his clients time and is always punctual – this is so rare now a days. Plus his customer service is top notch! I highly and enthusiastically recommend Ryan Fogel!
  Karen Herrigan 08/12/2018 I would like to thank Ryan F. for all his help, ensuring that I received the necessary tools to do my job as a nurse. He was very helpful and kind. I truly would like to thank him for all his knowledge, professionalism, helpfulness through this process. Thanks Ryan you are GREAT.
  Adrina Moreno 8/03/2018 Ryan is the best in the business. He responds quickly and makes sure all my questions are answered. He remains current on the products offered and provides suggestions that bring optimal results.
  Jose Hernandez 05/19/2018 I really like the service that Ryan provided. Not only is he a professional – he also made sure I got all the equipment to meet my specific needs. Service was much faster than I could have ever expected. Special thanks to him for his hard work.
  Raquel Carmeza 03/26/2018 Ryan Fogel is awesome. I had a great experience from beginning to end. He was very thorough with the evaluation also very informative as to what equipment I needed. Once my eqiupment arrived, he was again very thorough with explaining how it worked. Overall, I had a great experience and will recommend him to all my collegues. Thank you for the promptness, efficiency and overallawesome service you provided. You are #1 in my book. I am very satisfied with the service your company provides.
  Carrie Macon 03/02/2018 I have to say that Ryan Fogel is great at what he do. He immediately saw several problem when he walked in. He was very thorough and he’s passionate about his work. He came in today to set up my work station and show me how to use my new equipment. The chair is amazing. I can feel the difference in my back and legs. Thanks Ryan!
  Shannon Rainer 02/27/2018 He was very nice and patient. He took the time to evaluate my situation and recommended a great chair & equipment for me. I am very pleased.
  Xochilt Rosas 2/27/2018 On 2/19/15, Ryan set up my ergonomic work station. I could not be happier. During both the evaluation and set up of my work station, Ryan answered all my questions. He was extremely knowledgeable and provided me with several tips. It has been a week since my work station was set up, combined with Ryan’s tips, I have had a reduction in pain. Thank you Ryan!
  June Clark 02/19/2018 Great Experience. Ryan was very professional and went through all the equipment and instructions for use. He was very quick in setting up all equipment. My neck felt better as soon as I got my chair adjusted. Very Knowledgeable in Ergonomics. I appreciated all the the tips
  Torree Jones 02/10/2018 Ryan was and always is early or on time with his appointments. Very knowledgeable and always available if I have any questions
  Jacqueline Powell 1/20/2018 Ryan Fogel was very efficient and timely in getting the ergonics equopment in a timely matter. He was very helpful and courteous in exaplaining how everything works.
  Claudette Hoskins 1/20/2018 Ryan was extremely knowledgeable and helpful regarding making my workstation ergonomically correct. My initial assessment appointment was scheduled very quickly. The follow up appointment with new equipment arrived a only couple of weeks later. Ryan personally installed and thoroughly explained the new equipment and all its features. He is very accessible person and great at what he does!
Renee Heath 1/09/2018 Ryan made me feel like my well-being and comfort, yet at work was important to him and that it is possible. I appreciate how he came in and made efficient assessments and corrected the issues, so that I have the tools to work smarter. I think it’s imperative to have someone with his people friendly attitude and expertise work with employees that have work-related issues which usually entails injuries.
  Amanda Armistead 12/26/2017 Ryan at ARC was very attentive, able to answer my questions and come in a timely manner to visit me at my office. I have noticed since our ergonomics assessment that I’ve had a reduction in pain to my right shoulder.
  David Straight 12/15/2017 Ryan is great at what he does. If you need help with cutting risk and costs in your work environment, try one of his ergonomics consultations.
  Nicole Persky 2/12/2017 Wonderful w/getting things to me in a timely manner. He was also great at explaining and answering my questions. Great job!!