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Workplace Injury Prevention

ARC has over 30 years of experience in providing cost-effective and comprehensive ergonomic evaluations. Since its founding in 1976, it operates throughout California, with an emphasis on the greater Los Angeles area. Through its lengthy history in the field of ergonomics, it has become extremely proficient in providing timely, results-driven ergonomic and workplace injury prevention solutions. Determining an ergonomic solution is just one part of the evaluation process, so relationships with our clients and their employees are fundamental.

ARC has been a member in good standing on the Los Angeles County panel for over twenty-five years and is familiar with the County’s policies and procedures as well as with its pertinent departments and standards, especially when it comes to providing relevant evaluations. This invaluable tenure lends itself to a finely honed ergonomic strategy that has forged the way with a wide variety of evaluations among a multitude of ergonomic circumstances.

The firm has established a standing reputation among industry leaders through its knowledge of workplace ergonomics combined with our consultants’ unique ability to assess and address the needs of our clients through evaluation and implementation.