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How to Help Your Employees Return to the Office

      Ryan Fogel    Filed under: Ergonomics Office Design

Many of us have been working from home for over two years now. However, that is starting to change. More and more companies are bringing their employees back into the office. After over two years working from home, though, this can be a rough transition. Thankfully, there are ways to help your employees return to the office and make the transition as seamless as possible.

Ask your employees for feedback

Your employees will likely experience varying levels of anxiety when returning to the office. Some may be perfectly fine, but others may be nervous about changing their routines and being around other people again. As you’re crafting your policy, get employee feedback and be open to accommodating different employee needs.

Offer flexibility

As we know, many workers are leaving their current employers for other opportunities, often for more flexible workplaces. Even if you want your employees to work in an office, you should consider offering flexible options. For instance, you can allow them to work from home a certain number of days per week. Many workplaces are creating nomadic workplaces where employees can come and go as they please.

Create a safe and comfortable environment

When your employees are in the office, you want to ensure they feel safe and comfortable. While COVID-19 numbers are down, it is still present in our society. Make sure that desks are spaced out and that you have means to check for early signs of COVID-19. Additionally, workspaces should be flexible for those who may be both working in the office and at home.

Workspaces should also have ergonomic equipment to promote comfort and productivity. Thankfully, Accredited Rehabilitation Consultants can help. We offer ergonomic evaluations to help you build a safe and comfortable environment. Contact us today to learn more.