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What to Wear When You Work from Home

      Ryan Fogel    Filed under: Ergonomics at Home

When people went into an office, they dressed to impressed. Even the most casual offices required some semblance of professionalism. However, at home, where there’s no one to see you, should you still keep up the same standards? Read on to learn more:

Wear clothes that are comfortable, but professional

It’s important to stay comfortable while you’re working. However, if you have frequent Zoom calls, you don’t want to show up in a sweatshirt. Unless you are 100% certain you won’t have to do any virtual meetings that day, consider wearing a nice sweater or button-up top. You can still pair it with some sweatpants or yoga pants since the people on the other end of the virtual meeting will not be able to see you from the waist down.

Consider blue light glasses

If you’re a desk worker, chances are you will be staring at screens for eight hours a day. This can strain your eyes and cause headaches. A way to prevent this is to wear blue light glasses which block blue light from reaching your eyes. They can help reduce digital eye strain while you’re working from home.

Wear something you can move around in

Sitting for hours on end can harm your health. As desk workers, it’s important that you get up and move frequently. Your clothes, then, should be easy to move around in and comfortable enough for you to even go out for a walk.

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