What Is Lumbar Support and Why Is It Important?

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What Is Lumbar Support and Why Is It Important?I

If you’ve been dealing with any sort of lower back pain, one thing that doctors will usually suggest is to start using lumbar support. But what exactly is lumbar support, and how does it help treat and prevent lower back pain? Read on to learn more: 

What is lumbar support? 

Lumbar support, put simply, is any kind of support for your lower back found in office chairs, recliners, and other types of ergonomically friendly furniture. Not all types of furniture have it, however, and such poor ergonomics can lead to a lot of pain later on down the road. 

Why is it important? 

When you’re sitting in an office chair all day, your lumbosacral joint (a region of your lower spine) is dealing with three times more stress as it would when you’re standing. Not only that, but sitting all day also leads to poor posture, which can further injure your muscles and your vertebra in the lumbar region of your back. Without proper support, these stresses and injuries can add up, leading to musculoskeletal disorders, back injuries, and other health issues later on in life. Lumbar support, meanwhile, provides support to your lower back and spine by keeping the spine aligned and preventing your muscles from overworking themselves just to keep you upright. This can not only help heal current injuries but prevent future ones from arising later on. 

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