Benefits and Why You Need to Utilize a Footrest

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Back injury is the second most common reason why employees miss work in the U.S. after the common cold. Statistics from the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics shows workers who sustained ergonomic injuries require at least two weeks off to recuperate, leading to loss of manpower and income.

A great way to support employees at their desk is with an ergonomic footrest. This kind of footrest is essential to any style of desk and can significantly improve the comfort and overall well-being of workers.

The Benefits Associated with Ergonomic Footrests

A footrest at first glance might not make sense in terms of the day-to-day business operation, but it can be an addition that makes the difference in terms of the impact it on your overall seated posture.

Use of an ergonomic footrest can provide the following benefits:

1. Boosts circulation

Sitting for many hours has been found to impede the circulation of blood around the body. With an ergonomic footrest, the chances of developing circulatory problems diminishes. Poor circulation can lead to health complications, so it is important to notice if you feel increased fatigue.

2. Promotes a neutral seated posture

Considering how much time (30min to 1 hr) the average American spends slouching, this can negatively impact posture, resulting in back pain and limiting productivity. Back pain brought on by poor posture is said to cost American employers more than $7 billion per year. It is also responsible for major disabilities among employees under 45 years of age. Ergonomic footrests help to maintain a good sitting posture and improve the health of your spine.

3. Reduces the risk of lower back issues

Back problems significantly impact productivity. According to the World Health Organization. The leading cause of health-related economic drain is low back pain, which costs over $100 billion yearly. This issue leads to indirect costs from absenteeism and costs associated with lost production, idle assets, and benefits.

4. Improves comfort levels

Several studies reveal that employees that are more comfortable are more productive. Adding a footrest can reduce strain and encouraging better posture, preventing leg discomfort in the process.

Different Kinds of Footrests

A good ergonomic footrest should elevate your feet at a height perfect for your body. There are different types for movements, such as tilting, swinging, swaying, or rocking. The most basic products can give you a comfortable place to set your feet and stretch it out.

Even with those the use of a standing desk, a footrest can provide much-needed relief. Ergonomic footrests can improve standing time on a standing desk by up to 30 percent.

To achieve an optimal ergonomic workstation, it is important to hire a Specialist to examine your current workplace.  At Accredited Rehabilitation Consultants, we can evaluate your current workspace, find ways to make it more ergonomic, and then provide and install the necessary equipment to do so. To learn more, contact us today!