Is an Ergonomic Keyboard Worth It?

Is an Ergonomic Keyboard Worth It?

      Ryan Fogel    Filed under: Ergonomic Injury Prevention

You’ve likely heard of all the various benefits that ergonomic equipment can bring. However, when we think of ergonomics, we often think of chairs. While ergonomic chairs are certainly beneficial, the world of ergonomics doesn’t stop there. Ergonomic keyboards can help you prevent carpal tunnel syndrome and reduce pain and aches in your wrists and hands. Read on to learn more:

What’s the difference between ergonomic keyboards and normal keyboards?

Before we get into the benefits of an ergonomic keyboard, it’s important to note what makes them special from normal keyboards. A normal keyboard lays flat on your desk, with no elevation or place to rest your wrists. An ergonomic keyboard has these things and more. They are specifically designed to improve your hand, arm, and back posture.

Ergonomic keyboards come in the following forms:

  • Split keyboard
  • Contoured keyboard
  • Handheld keyboard
  • Angled split keyboard

Ergonomic keyboards are more comfortable

Because these keyboards are designed with ergonomics in mind, they’re more comfortable to use. You’ll find you’re able to type for longer periods with less discomfort as compared with a normal keyboard. They do this by properly positioning your hands, arms, and shoulders for optimal comfort and performance.

Increased typing speed

When you’re in less pain, you’re able to perform more efficiently. Since ergonomic keyboards are more comfortable to use, they help increase typing speed. This is especially beneficial to secretaries, assistants, journalists, writers, and other individuals who type for their jobs.

The price

At the end of the day, people have one question about ergonomic keyboards: are they expensive? Ergonomic keyboards are not out of the price-range for most workers or companies, but they are more expensive than normal keyboards. While the price up-front may be more, you will actually be saving money in the long run. This is because you won’t be paying for costly procedures to address issues such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

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