Why Should You Get an Ergonomic Evaluation?

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Why Should You Get an Ergonomic Evaluation?

More and more American workers spend their days at a desk. In fact, the number of desk workers in this country is higher than it’s ever been before, increasing by a whopping 83% since 1950. It’s no secret either that sitting all day, every day, is bad for our health, but what can you do when your job requires you to sit at a desk? The answer is ergonomics.

Through ergonomic evaluations, you can create a healthy workspace for your employees. Here’s how:


What is an ergonomic evaluation?

Ergonomics is the practice of designing a workplace to fit workers’ needs, often using equipment (such as chairs, desks, etc.) that put less stress on the mind and body. But not everyone knows what kind of equipment they need to use for their work environment. That’s where ergonomic evaluations come in.

Ergonomic evaluations have a qualified ergonomic expert assess a workplace to determine what kinds of equipment workers need to create a healthy and productive environment.

Put simply, ergonomic evaluations help you decide what kinds of chairs, desks, mouses, keyboards, etc. you should invest in for your specific office and work environment.

The importance of an ergonomic evaluation

Ergonomic evaluations can make your workplace healthier and more productive, even if your employees are working from home. Here are a few more reasons why investing in an ergonomic evaluation is right for your business:

  • Expert advice: You may know the benefits of an ergonomic workplace, but that doesn’t mean you know how to set one up. An ergonomic evaluation can have an ergonomics expert assess your workplace to determine what’s best for your office.
  • Reduction in operation costs: Ergonomics is good for employee health, meaning you will spend less money on sick days, workplace injuries, and more.
  • Increased productivity: Employees that feel better, work better. By investing in ergonomics, your workplace will be more comfortable and less stressful, making workers more efficient in the long run.
  • Improved employee engagement: Investing in your employees and their health signals to them that you care about their well-being. This will make them more engaged and committed to their work and your business.

At Accredited Rehabilitation Consultants, our 3-step ergonomic evaluations in LA county can create a healthy and productive work environment, even if you work from home. To learn more, contact us today.