3 Ways to Relieve Back Pain at Work

Ergonomic Workplace Assessments & Injury Prevention Consulting in Santa Monica, CA

It doesn’t matter if you work at a desk all day or you work on the front lines of a distribution plant—every workplace can potentially cause an employee injury at some point in time. Desk jobs, in particular, are considered a slow-moving disaster, with employees suffering from back pain, musculoskeletal disorders, and other types of injuries from repetitive strain. That’s why we at Accredited Rehabilitation Consultants work hard to provide businesses with a sustainable, ergonomic environment to improve their employees’ wellbeing.

Ergonomic Workplace Assessment in Santa Monica, CA

An ergonomic workplace environment can improve the health and happiness of your employees both in the short term and in the long term. To do this, we provide ergonomic workplace assessments that can pinpoint what areas of your business need to be improved, and how it can be done.

We provide the following ergonomic consulting services for all businesses and industries in the Santa Monica area:


Ergonomic Evaluation

The first step to an ergonomic office environment is through our ergonomic evaluations. These find the high-risk areas in your place of business so that you know where you need to improve.

Workplace specific evaluations

Every workplace is unique, as are the employees that work there. We take that in mind with our workplace specific evaluations.

Ergonomic equipment

After the evaluation, we at ARC will have a clear picture of how your office can be improved. As such, we offer plenty of ergonomic equipment for purchase and installation.

Orientation and training

You have the equipment, but now you need to know how to use it. Ergonomics education is the last, but most crucial, step in achieving a healthier workplace environment.


Many telecommuters often work in even poorer ergonomic conditions than their office counterparts. That’s why we offer our services to all telecommuters in Santa Monica.

Expert witness services

In addition to our consulting services, we can also serve as expert witnesses if you ever go to court over an injury.

Job analysis

Lastly, through our job analysis services, you can receive an independent study of a particular position in order to truly understand what that position does. This can be especially helpful when you are trying to fill an opening in your company.

To learn more about how our ergonomic consulting services can help you, contact us today.