Benefits of an Ergonomic Mouse

      Ryan Fogel    Filed under: Ergonomics Products, Workplace Injury Reduction

If you spend many hours of the day in front of your computer, then you are sure to use a mouse often. Consistent use of a traditional mouse is likely to strain your wrist, causing issues such as numbness and stiffness. With the use of an ergonomic mouse, the risk of these wrist problems is greatly reduced. Here are just a few benefits to switching to an ergonomic mouse, and in turn reducing the likelihood of experiencing and injuries while mousing:

1. Prevents twisting in the wrist

When using a traditional mouse, you will often twist your wrist continuously, which results in stress to the tendons. This can possibly lead to reoccurring injuries due to stress and long-term damage. Your wrist was not meant to handle repetitive stress for the whole day. An ergonomic mouse gives you a handshake position, preventing stress and pain during your workday.

2. Less is more

Unlike the regular mouse, the ergonomic mouse requires less strength for your grip. This helps to release tension from the tendons in your wrist, resulting in less aggravation and less fatigue as you work. A vertical mouse, for example, enables you to transfer the energy from operating the mouse from the wrist to stronger muscles in the upper arms.

3. Prevents aggravation of existing pain

The existing pain you developed in your wrist, such as tendonitis as a result of using the regular traditional mouse, may be alleviated when you switch to an ergonomic mouse. Tendon damage to the wrist may result in long-term problems like arthritis. This is why an ergonomic mouse to help prevent further damages to your wrist that may lead to these life-altering conditions later in life.

4. Prevention of future injury

You don’t need to wait for the pain caused by the long-term use of a regular mouse to switch to an ergonomic model. You can quickly prevent excess stress by making sure to get an ergonomic mouse right away that is tailored to your needs.

Ergonomic mice come in several sizes and shapes to promote a neutral posture in your wrist as well as comfort. Each of these shapes relaxes your wrist by transferring the strain from the wrist to the upper arm muscles. Thus, you prevent future pain to your wrist, which may lead to lasting damage to the tendons.

Over the last couple of years, several products and design changes have been made to ensure that there is exceptional efficiency and comfort in your work. This is also true with ergonomic mice. Long-term damage to your wrist and diseases such as arthritis can be prevented with the use of proper equipment.

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