The Health Risks of a Poor Ergonomic Workspace

Office Ergonomics Consultants in Downtown LA

We at Accredited Rehabilitation Consultants can provide simple and cost-effective ergonomic consultations for all businesses in the Downtown LA area. Whether you’re working from home or in an office, we can find ways to improve the health and happiness of all of your employees, preventing work-related injuries both now and into the future. An ergonomic workplace can boost morale and efficiency, and we want to help make that happen.

Our ergonomic consulting services for Downtown LA

At ARC, we work hard to ensure that your workforce remains safe and healthy. Even in sedentary desk jobs, the risk of injury is high, and employees and employers alike must be proactive to protect themselves against it. Our ergonomic consultants can develop highly individualized, ergonomic solutions that will fit the needs of you and your employees.

Our ergonomic services include the following:

Ergonomic Evaluation

With our proactive, post-injury, and overall evaluations, we can find high-risk areas in your business that could cause potential harm to your employees.

Workplace specific evaluations

Our workplace specific evaluations are designed around your business and your business only. We will observe and interview all employees to see how best to improve workplace ergonomics.

Ergonomic equipment

Once we’ve finished our evaluation, we will then recommend the ergonomic equipment that will suit your business best. We will then install it for you after review and approval from management.

Orientation and training

Orientation and training classes can ensure that your employees practice good ergonomics even after we’re gone.


Telecommuters need good ergonomic equipment, too. That’s why we provide our services to those workers who are working from home.

Expert witness services

In addition to our consulting services, we can also serve as expert witnesses in court.

Job analysis

Finally, our job analysis services can provide an independent review of what a specific job requires.

To learn more about how our ergonomic consulting services can help you, contact us today.