How to Design a Healthy Home Office

By Ryan Fogel,

How to Design a Healthy Home Office

For most of us, the coronavirus has forced us out of our office buildings and into our homes. While there is certainly an appeal to working at home, it’s important that you build yourself a healthy home office to keep yourself productive and fit during this time. Here we provide you with a few tips to get you started:

Use a desk

When you start working from home, there is the temptation to just do all of your work on your couch or in your bed. However, if you are able, it is highly recommended that you use a desk instead. Doing so will improve your posture and your productivity, ensuring that you get your work done instead of laying around on the couch.

Bring in some natural light

It has been proven time and time again that the more natural light we are exposed to, the happier and healthier we are. Natural light can also make us more productive, boosting our energy levels and encouraging us to get our work done. So, draw open those drapes and let in some sunlight before you get to work.

Find the right chair

If you work a desk job, then you’re going to be spending most of your ours sitting. While you should try to get up and walk around throughout the day, you will have to spend some of your hours in a chair. So, make sure that chair is a comfortable one. Opt for ergonomic furniture that has plenty of back support to keep your posture tall and upright.

Adopt some plants

The natural world can do wonders to our health and well-being. This is true with sunlight as well as plants. Installing just a few potted plants around your home office can boost your mood, energy levels, and productivity.

At Accredited Rehabilitation Consultants, our ergonomic furniture and evaluations can help you build a healthier home office. Contact us today to learn more.

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