Ergonomic Consultants & Assessments near Hollywood, CA


Ergonomic Consultants near Hollywood, CA

The environment in which people work can dramatically impact their health and overall happiness. Even for those who work at a desk, a poor ergonomic space can cause serious health consequences later on in the future. Back pain, musculoskeletal disorders, even migraines are all byproducts of the repetitive strain that deskwork puts on our bodies. It’s why so many people in the Hollywood area turn to us, Accredited Rehabilitation Consultants, for answers.

Ergonomic Assessments near Hollywood, CA

Here at ARC, we provide ergonomic assessments for all businesses and industries in Hollywood, CA to better help them achieve healthier lifestyles. Our assessments can pinpoint high-risk areas in your workspace and then find the best solutions that will work for your business and your workers.

We provide the following ergonomic consulting services for Hollywood businesses:

Ergonomic Evaluation

An ergonomic evaluation from Accredited Rehabilitation Consultants can find the high-risk areas in your place of business so that you know where and how you need to improve.

Workplace specific evaluations

Every workplace is different, and we at ARC understand that. That’s why we provide workplace specific evaluations so that you get the recommendations that are best for your business.

Ergonomic equipment

Once the ergonomic evaluation is complete, we will then have a clear picture of what kind of equipment you need in order to improve your workplace environment. At ARC, we provide plenty of ergonomic equipment for you to purchase, and we also provide installation, too.

Orientation and training

Just having ergonomic equipment isn’t enough. You also need to know how to use it. With our orientation and training classes, we can teach your employees on how best to live an ergonomic lifestyle.


Telecommuters need to work in ergonomic spaces as well. That’s why we provide our services to those who work from home in addition to those who work in an office.

Expert witness services

In addition to our consulting services, we can also serve as expert witnesses if you ever go to court over an injury.

Job analysis

Finally, we have our job analysis services where you can receive an independent study of a particular position. This can be especially helpful when you are trying to hire new employees.

To learn more about how our ergonomic consulting services can help you, contact us today.