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Ergonomic Assessment Company near Beverly Hills, CA

For over 30 years, we at Accredited Rehabilitation Consultants have been helping workers in the Beverly Hills area live and work in healthier ways. With more and more of America’s workforce switching to sedentary work, it is more important now than ever before that businesses practice good ergonomics. An ergonomic assessment from ARC can pinpoint areas of your business that can put your employees at risk, and then find simple and affordable solutions to prevent those incidents from ever happening.

Ergonomic Consulting Services in Beverly Hills

You may not know it, but deskwork is a slow-moving disaster. If your employees sit day after day in front of a computer, they could be put at risk for back injuries and musculoskeletal disorders down the line. It will also make them less productive on a daily basis. By practicing good ergonomics, however, your employees can get their work done in a healthy and efficient manner.

This can be accomplished through our ergonomic consulting services, which include the following:

Ergonomic Evaluation

With three levels, this pinpoints high-risk areas that could cause or have already caused injury to an employee.

Workplace specific evaluations

We understand that your business is your own. That’s why we provide workplace specific evaluations to see how work is processed on a day-to-day basis.

Ergonomic equipment

We provide ergonomic equipment to be purchased and installed based on our recommendations from the ergonomic evaluations.

Orientation and training

To reduce the risk of injuries, employees must be trained on how to practice good ergonomics. Our orientation and training classes do just that.


We provide our services to telecommuters too, so that your employees can practice good ergonomics even while working from home.

Expert witness services

In addition to our consulting services, we can also serve as expert witnesses in court.

Job analysis

Finally, our job analysis services can provide an independent review of what a specific job requires.

To learn more about how our ergonomic consulting services can help you, contact us today.